Water Purificationand Mineralization Products

One of the great challenges we face in the 21st century is addressing society’s need for pure water. Our goal is to design, develop and manufacture water purification systems that promote “quality of life” for people all over the world.

For fresh, clean water, Genieye offers water treatment solutions for homes and businesses. Genieye water purification and mineralization systems preserves and enhances natural minerals of the water while it removes particles up to 5 microns in the water, removes undesirable tastes, disinfects the residual effects and disinfects instantaneously the water.  Unlike other water purification systems such as RO which removes nearly everything from the water, the good ones as well as and the bad ones, Genieye selectively removes the only bad.

Genieye’ s proprietary mineralizer not only adds beneficial minerals into the water, it ensures the natural minerals in the water are preserved. These minerals stay in the water and disinfects the water, that’s what we call a residual effect. Unlike any other filter, the water will stay clean after it has gone through the filtering. Many filter are effective at disinfecting the water, but leaking errors or new introduction of foreign substances can fowl the water. Genieye’s residual minerals give an extra line of defense against microbes.

Genieye also recommends the addition of negative ion and hydrogen orp filters to increase pH and beneficial minerals in the water available in the KM3 unit.

Genieye specializes in manufacturing and installation of water purification systems in a variety of sizes and application. Specifically, Genieye manufactures water purification systems for the following: