GWS-KM1 Standard KitchenWater Purification and Mineralizer system


For fresh, clean water, Genieye offers water treatment solutions for homes and businesses. Genieye offers a full range of water treatment products to meet your needs.

Genieye GWS-KM1 standard water purification and mineralization system preserves and enhances natural minerals of the water while it removes particles in the water, removes undesirable tastes, disinfects the residual effects and disinfects instantaneously the water.  This system uses particle filter, Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) filter, Nano silver mineralizer and UV.

  • Dedicated premium water faucet
  • Using 4 levels of filtration Genieye offer the safest, best quality water available: Carbon filter, Particle filter, Mineralizer, UV disinfection
  • Easily replaceable filters in 10” cartridges include 1 extra each
  • 11W UV bulb sterilizes at 4L/minute
  • Self-pressurized
  • Rated at 500L/day
  • Filters remove particles as small as 5 microns in size
Health and Economy Features
  • Supreme quality – designed and assembled in Canada to guarantee water safety.
  • All natural treatment, perfect tasting mineral rich water.
  • UV and mineralizer disinfects virus, bacteria, and other micro-organisms and maintains freshness of water.
  • Eco-friendly, low cost operation
  • Better for health versus Reverse Osmosis
  • Uses eco-friendly high grade coconut carbon
  • Rural areas can operate on solar power.
GWS-KM1 Standard Kitchen Unit

GWS-KM1 Standard Kitchen Unit