Clean Spa Technologies Products


Genieye Solutions Inc. offers comprehensive services in water purification, spa servicing and pool systems.

We can supply custom designed spas, water treatment and purification systems, repair hot tubs, Spas, supply pool systems and water mineralizers.   

Water treatment and purification services

Genieye offers a complete installation and servicing of water treatment purification systems to ensure that these systems are efficient and operate as designed. Genieye services include:

  • Installation and maintenance of whole house systems
  • Installation and maintenance of under the counter water treatment and purification systems
  • Installation and maintenance of industrial grade water treatment systems
  • Installation and maintenance of municipal water treatment systems

Spa and hot tub services

Genieye provides Spa related services which include:

  • Installation of complete new spa systems
  • Repair of existing spa and related maintenance
  • Refurbishing and modernizing spas economically

Pool services

Genieye offers a complete set of pool water mineralizer and purification system. Along with these systems Genieye experts install repair and maintain pool water mineralizers.  In addition, Genieye offers pool cover systems which are unique in the industry.