Pipeless Motors

Genieye designs and manufactures proprietary motors which are patented and are licensed for use by distributors or other manufacturers.

Many spas and whirlpool baths in use today use piped systems which do not drain completely after use. Water may remain in the damp and dark environment in the pipes between uses which is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. The water may contain bacteria and fungi as well as, soap film, hair, dead skin, body oil, dirt and feces.

Hygiene is a growing concern for today’s spa owners and clients and to address this need Genieye has developed “pipe-less” technology and installs the GeniJet™ Pipe-less Motor in every Spa it manufactures. 

Advantages of GeniJet Motors
  • Supports proper hygiene and provides peace of mind for our clients.
  • Virtually maintenance free and easy to service. The GeniJet™ system can be removed and installed from the bowl of the spa in less than 15 minutes, keeping downtime of the spa to a minimum.
  • Each motor has two jet streams with adjustable air flow, providing the client with a true hydrotherapy treatment and preventing soft tissue bruising.
  • The GeniJet™ is designed to be self-cooling with air intakes that pass directly through the motor housing which extends the longevity of the system.
  • The GeniJet™ system uses 75% less power than conventional piped systems and provides quieter operation, resulting in reduced operating costs and a more pleasant and peaceful experience in a multi-spa environment.