Industrial Water Purification

Industrial water purification systems up to 500,000 L/day

Genieye designs and implements industrial water purification systems based in the requirements of customers and specification of the environment. General features of Genieye industrial water purification systems are:

  • Industrial standard, washable particles filter with large carbon tanks for point of access initial filtration.
  • Multi-array mineralization heads treat all incoming water, removing particles >5µm and killing pathogens before being stored in a large tank, commonly on the roof
  • Very beneficial for plumbing because water in the entire building is treated
  • Each point of access contains three-stage filtration unit complete with:
    • String filters
    • Carbon filters
    • UV disinfection
  • The main rooftop unit is automated, but each point of access unit has own filter gauge.
  • Onsite installation available with engineers provided by Genieye.
Health and Economy Features
  • Eco-friendly, drawing approximately 10W energy when in operation and does not waste water when compared with RO
  • Better for health versus RO
  • Uses eco-friendly high-grade coconut carbon;
  • Genieye mineralization unit uses the purest minerals and treated water has 1/6 of minerals specified in the North American guidelines for mineral intake maximum limit
  • In rural areas operate on solar power
  • Using 4 level of filtration, Genieye offers the safest best quality water available