GeniJet™ Pulse

The GeniJet Pulse is a specifically designed for the spa environment. It is designed from scratch to give a no-compromise product to the salon owner operators and the clients. The GeniJet Pulse takes the benefits of magnetic coupling which allows for easy sanitation of the wet end components and the option of using a tub liner, and removes the downsides of a magnetic coupled motor jet. The downsides include a heavy industrial motor that is difficult to mount, wasteful in energy, shorter life due excessive heat generation.

The GeniJet Pulse has a wet end that uses large robust deep-groove ball bearings to ensure efficient long life magnet impeller operation. The wet end is designed to be removable for easy cleaning, and facilitates the use of a tub liner. The dry end is designed to be completely solid state with no moving parts. It is fully electronic and smart. Due to the small size and weight, it will be very easy to install the GeniJet Pulse. It does not require any tools to install, saving time and expensive repairman service fees. The solid state design allows us to eliminate mechanical failures of traditional brushless motors, where the bearings and windings fail due to heat and moisture. The solid state dry end allows us to enclose the electronics in waterproof compound with good thermos characteristics. The dry end electronics allows us to sense the wet end, which will only send power to the wet end if it is there. This will prevent energy loss by the salon when the dry end is left on by accident. GeniJet Pulse has a soft start function which prevents water splashing that can startle clients. This will be the best Jet to have installed in your new spas, or when you are replacing a jet in your existing spa.