Water purification systems of up to 50,000 L/day


  • Point of entry mineralization with automation capability
  • Point of entry multi-array 20” cartridge particle and carbon filters with filter status and bypass
  • Ion exchange bed available if necessary
  • Rated at 50,000 liters per day
  • Multiple points of access clean water storage tank units, each complete with a 40 W UV bulb to disinfect flows as high as 46/L per minute.
  • The unit is modular and easily expandable
  • Automation includes:
    • Automatic filter status alert system and valve control
    • Remote status access
    • Access of control panel

Health and Economy Features

  • Eco-friendly, drawing approximately 40W+(20W/ access points) energy when in operation, and does not waste water when compared to RO units.
  • Better for health versus RO
  • Uses eco-friendly high grade coconut carbon; best at absorbing a wide variety of contaminants.
  • In rural areas can operate on solar power
  • Using 4 levels of filtration, Genieye offers the safest best quality water available.