Innovation & Marketing

Our New Innovative Patent & quality product philosophy introducing in 2015 our New GeniJet PULSE Motor , will continue to keep us as the leader in the industry.

This will also revolutionize the spa industry because of the our new silent pipeless motor Technology.

Keeping Genieye Technologies INC. on the cutting edge and well ahead of our compedators.

Goals & Strategies:

  • Continue to satisfy our original client and with well over 32,000 + spas across North America alone and constantly growing targeting large corporate Beauty Spas & Salons throughout the World Markets.
  • We will create an online SHOPPING CART presence by creating targeted Beauty & Spa Social Media groups.
  • A Design-Build program is available to customers where, in collaboration with our client, we create designs, fabricate moulds and manufacture products for their exclusive use.

We continue to invest a significant portion of our revenues in the research and development of these processes to make our goal a reality.