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About Genieye

Genieye water purification system is unique in the industry as the system includes water mineralization technology to balance out minerals required for healthy human consumption.

Genieye pipe less jet motor is proprietary patented Genijet™ is one of the quietest motor in the industry.

Genieye Mineralizer is the best spa purification system on the market today effectively killing bacteria, viruses and fungi during use in spas, pools and hot tubs.

Genieye Clean Spa technologies address concerns regarding hygiene and today’s stringent health regulations. The use of quite, highly reliable pipeless motor and ionization water purification technology ensures that outstanding results are achieved without use of chemicals

Genieye service department provides maintenance, repair and refurbishing services for all water purification systems, pool systems, and spa and beauty salons. Service contracts provides insurance to beauty salons to ensure that their spa services to its customers are working at all times.

Genieye spends over 10% to 15% of its revenues on research and development to ensure its products are in the leading edge of technologies and remain so at all times.