Genieye & CleanSpa Technologies with roots in the design and manufacturing of Medical Equipment was founded with a belief in, and a commitment to, finding a better way.


Genieye started in 2003 : Toronto, Ontario, Canada by its Entrepreneur /Inventor Eugene McDougall who was searching to enhance the betterment of products through the use of better procedures,techniques, and materials.


We manufacture all complete line of pipeless Pedicure Spas and accessories. Our systems utilize the latest technology including pipeless motor and water purification systems, to address the industry's concerns regarding sanitation.

Innovation &

Our New Innovative Patent & quality product philosophy introducing in 2015 our New GeniJet PULSE Motor , will continue to keep us as the leader in the industry. This will also revolutionize the spa industry.

Welcome to GENIEYE Technologies!

Genieye Technologies inc. is an innovative, manufacturing company specializing in the field of water Purification and pumps for pulsation and massage . Our goal is to design, develop and manufacture products that promote “quality of life” for people all over the world.

We are committed to finding a better way to address technical problems relating to water issues and are currently developing Technologies in the areas of mineralization, filtration, purification using green pump technology !


Introducing the GeniJet™ System – Clean and Simple

Why did we choose the GeniJet Pipeless Motor for use in our pedicure spas?

That’s easy……..it’s clearly the best.

Many spas and whirlpool baths in use today use piped systems which do not drain completely after use. Water may remain in the damp and dark environment in the pipes between uses……the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The water may contain bacteria, as well as, soap film, hair, dead skin, body oil, dirt, and feces.

Hygiene is a growing concern for today’s Spa Owners and Clients and to address this need Genieye Technologies utilize “pipeless” technology and installs the GeniJet™ Pipeless Motor in every spa we manufacture.


Learn About The New GeniJet™ System

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GeniJet™ Mag Motor

GeniJet™ Mag Motor

GeniJet Plus™

GeniJet Plus™

GeniJet™ Pulse

GeniJet™ Pulse

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Water Eye-Nizer